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Temporary Foreign Worker’s Family – part 2

Family members of the temporary foreign worker may or may not be eligible to accompany the worker during his or her stay in Canada, depending on the immigration program used. In the previous article, we saw under which circumstances this was possible with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

We will […]

Temporary Foreign Worker’s Family

A foreign worker could ask a future employer, during a job interview, if his family will be able to come with him or her to Canada. The answer is more complicated than it appears, as is often the case for immigration matters.
Basically, it will depend on the immigration program […]

Immigration processing times

Immigration processing times

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, clients often ask me questions about delays for immigration applications, whether for permanent immigration (Quebec Selection Certificate – CSQ and Canadian permanent residence) or temporary immigration (visitor visa, study permit, work permit, etc.).

The best way to get an idea about the […]

Who can help me with my immigration process?

The choice of the person who will help you with your immigration process is very important. Here are the options available:

Remember that you can always prepare an application by yourself. Guides and forms for this purpose are on the Government of Canada website called Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada […]

Immigration and crime

Does immigration increase crime?

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Debunking myths about immigration and social assistance

How much do refugees and immigrants get in social assistance?

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