Immigration processing times

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, clients often ask me questions about delays for immigration applications, whether for permanent immigration (Quebec Selection Certificate – CSQ and Canadian permanent residence) or temporary immigration (visitor visa, study permit, work permit, etc.).

The best way to get an idea about the approximate processing time of your application is to verify the average time as it appears on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s website. To do this, you must know :

1-The nature of your application- Are you trying to obtain a study permit, permanent residence, a visitor visa?

2-The place of submission of your application – from inside or outside Canada?

With this information, visit this website:

Be careful!

” This processing time tells you how long it took us to process most complete applications, in the past. Your application may be delayed or returned if it’s not complete.

Your processing time starts the day we receive your complete application and ends when we make a decision. It may vary depending on how many applications we receive. “

It should be noted that deadlines vary a lot and that those presented to you are only indicative; maybe your request will take longer than the average.

In short, expect … to wait!

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