Why hire Caroline Morin, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant? All immigration procedures can be done by yourself; however, sound advice from a specialist can save you a lot of time and efforts, as well as prevent headaches! Benefit from a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)'s training and Code of Professional Ethics. The ICCRC was designated by the Canadian government as the organization to protect consumers of immigration services. For more information, visit

Services for individuals

World except Canada

Whether you are in your country of origin or already in Canada, you will find a service that fits your needs.

  • Immigration consultation with a professional
  • Complete assembly of your file
  • Review of the file before submission

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There are several ways to immigrate and it is not always easy to choose the best one: temporary or permanent, federal, provincial nominees or Quebec programs, etc. Let us recommend you the most appropriate program for your situation, based on an analysis of your personal, academic and professional profile, as well as government requirements and your preferences. This service includes an outline of the main steps to follow to achieve your goal, hence rending it possible for you to prepare your own application(s), if you wish to do so.

Express Entry Assessment

Have your profile assessed by Objectif Terre Inc. team. This service includes:

  • an evaluation of your chances of entering the Express Entry Pool of Candidates;
  • a calculation of your approximate Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score;
  • an estimation of probabilities to receive an Invitation To Apply for the Canadian permanent residence.

A personalized report, taking into account your own characteristics (language skills, education, work experience, etc.), and the ones of your spouse, if applicable, will be sent to you with the results of our assessment.

Please note that this service is intended to provide an estimation of your Express Entry CRS score; consequently, it is approximate and could be different, in the case that an actual application was to be presented to the Canadian immigration authorities. Preparation or submission of Express Entry profile is not included in this service.

Immigration File

Collection and exchange of information, advice and recommendations on government’s requirements regarding health, security, criminal and financial background, language skills, academic training and professional experience, as well as data entry forms for the provincial and/or federal levels, according to the program selected, in print and/or electronic versions.

Caroline worked with me and my family to assist us in applying for work and study permits.  She researched our situation and carefully explained all that was required. We were under a very tight time constraint and Caroline worked “above and beyond” all our expectations to ensure that all the required forms were completed on time. She helped us numerous times in terms of the explaining the information which we had to provide to the government in support of these application forms. Her fees were extremely reasonable. I would definitely recommend the services of Caroline and Objectif Terre to all who are baffled by the Quebec and the Canadian immigration processes.

The Sims family, Sherbrooke (Québec) Canada


You have a question about immigration procedures? You want to discuss about your situation, the chances of success of your project or the possibilities Canada could offer you? We can help, contact us for details, write to


You received a negative response to your immigration application, sponsorship request or work or study permit? It may be appropriate to ask for a review of the decision or for a reconsideration of the case. Objectif Terre can provide a written response or a representation at the tribunal before immigration authorities. Contact us for details, write to

Working in Canada

If you would like to integrate the Canadian work market as soon as possible or wish to impress a potential employer, learn how to make a good first impression!

To achieve this goal, we offer to adapt your resume to fit the Canadian professional standards, working on its form and content.

Also, feel more comfortable during a work interview with a Canadian employer through practice; try our job interview simulation service and improve your communication skills.

  • Resume adaptation

The client sends the document and the consultant returns it with corrections, annotations, comments and suggestions, regarding both its form and content.

  • Job interview simulation

30 min. oral interview in English or French with a professional recruiter, followed by immediate and personalized feedback.

Services for organizations

Canada and the world

Objectif Terre’s director Mrs. Caroline Morin can help you hire the right person, anywhere in the world!

  • Experience in international recruiting and talent attraction
  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
  • 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German)

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Foreign Workers

Steps required to hire a foreign worker are many and complex. Depending on your experience or the one of your human resources department, different services are available.

  • Tasks description and job posting, including NOC code
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment
  • Work permit


Coaching or mediation services in case of a conflict to prevent cultural misunderstandings and facilitate the organization’s overall productivity.


Intercultural training to prepare the new employee and/or the existing workforce to collaborate within a multicultural team.