Why hire Caroline Morin, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant? All immigration procedures can be done by yourself; however, sound advice from a specialist can save you a lot of time and efforts, as well as prevent headaches! Benefit from a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)'s training and Code of Professional Ethics. The ICCRC was designated by the Canadian government as the organization to protect consumers of immigration services. For more information, visit

Services for individuals

World except Canada

Whether you are in your country of origin or already in Canada, you will find a service that fits your needs.

  • Complete preparation of immigration file for workers
  • Renewal  and permanent immigration for workers and their family

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Please note that to come to Canada as a worker, you must first have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Collection and exchange of information, advice and recommendations on government’s requirements regarding health, security, criminal and financial background, language skills, academic training and professional experience, as well as data entry forms for the provincial and/or federal levels, according to the program selected, in print and/or electronic versions.

Services for organizations

Canada and the world

Objectif Terre has experience in preparing LMIA’s, CAQs and work permits:

  • Immigration file for employer;
  • Immigration file for workers and their family. 

Do not hesitate to communicate with us for any request. Write to

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Objectif Terre has experience in international recruitment, since its main consultant has already organized recruitment missions in other countries for groups of Quebec employers. Objectif Terre can therefore help you target recruitment objectives according to your needs, but is not dedicated to the development of missions; To do this, we prefer to leave the choice to employers:

  • Internal procedures (you already know who you want to hire);
  • Firms specializing in the field (including those recommended by Objectif Terre);
  • Recruitment missions set up by local organizations;
  • Etc.

It should be noted that Objectif Terre has also developed over time a solid collaboration with certain trustworthy and professional recruitment firms, which it can recommend to you.

Steps required to hire a foreign worker are many and complex. Depending on your experience or the one of your human resources department, different services are available.

  • Tasks description and job posting, including NOC code
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment
  • Work permit